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We let most things pass slide. Just submit art to the correct folder and you'll be fine.
In terms of behavior, be on your best.
Selling in game content such as shines or 6IV Pokemon is STRICTLY prohibited here, this will not be tolerated and you will be banned immediately.

Gallery Folders

Alola by BlazeMizu
#SquadGoals by MineThatBird
Cubone speedpaint by creepyeevee
Charmander by apocalyss
Gen 1: Kanto FULL
How Gastlys are truly made by Austin-Barnitz
Mewtwo/Mew Stickers and Magnets by pixelboundstudios
Pikachu X Jigglypuff by Clawort-Animations
Flareon sets a blaze  by Austin-Barnitz
Gen 1: Kanto Folder 2
Pikachu drawing by KnightAtNights
Pokemon Gijinka Batch 1 - [CHEAP SB 100! 6/6 OPEN] by edgelord-adopts
Art a Day (Day 53 - Persian) by Aztilen-chan
Art a Day (Day 54 - Psyduck) by Aztilen-chan
Gen 2: Johto
Larvitar by e-Readie
Shiny Porygon2 (color Palette Challenge) by gabby0004
Gnight Night by LittleCutePlu
suicune by crashmeow
Gen 3: Hoenn
Shedinja by little-ampharos
Castform by dragonfire53511
Ninjask by e-Readie
Snorunt Graffiti by Pravusdie
Gen 4: Sinnoh
Take no Quarter Lads! And give none neither! by DarkPhoenix3465
Glaceon Papercraft by PatrykGPL
Honchkrow by MamoswineDraws
Jae (Character Expressions for game!) by XetaJTS
Gen 5: Unova
Seismitoad Pepe by MamoswineDraws
(Collab) Zoroark Family by Animeneko63
Shiny Reshiram by GAmesterAxela
Oshawott (Birthday Gift) by ShadowSnivy14
Generation 6 Kalos region
Pancham Papercraft by PatrykGPL
[RQ] - Sylveon by Adoeable
Malamar and the Platform's Playground by Puswi
Goomy and sparks by Memo078
Fakemon grass starter Foualsage by CRenea10
Nimala Dex - 013, 014 Regional Birds by TedAshiRamz
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Mischief by EyesoreForTheBlind
Quakeon - Zantaru Dex by Shadowfur63
OCs and FCs
blasting by honorgurdsman144
under the weather by honorgurdsman144
hayata in a field by honorgurdsman144
Beaster Digital (Natura) by neoashuron
Trainers and Humans
Ash with mega x charizard and in mega x armour by Animedalek1
Mixed Generaitons
Surprising Surprise - Page 2/END by AyumiSpender
Pokemon: A Space Tail by cabrera73
Congratulation CS! - The Map by Phyromatical
Surskit - Pokemon Gijinka by LetterU
blood is thicker than water by Akiruru
Pokemon Spin-Off folder
POKEMAGES: Page 2 by Blackbunny1001
Cosplay Pokemon
My Present, My Past by splgum
Mega Pokemon folder
Mega family by JA-punkster
Crimson by beibichii
Photography and models
Steenee's Favorite Tree Stump by Mimikyu-SeeeeeeMeee
Mature Folder

Mature Content

Wanna go for a ride by artist-GJ
Ansera Port by Shaded-Gaming
Gen 7: Alola Region
Exeggutor de Alola by MamoswineDraws


Eevee _ Paint 3D _ 20170418 :iconk4nk4n:K4nK4n 8 4 Team Instinct Button :iconkisaki-kaiba:Kisaki-Kaiba 5 0 Team Mystic :iconkisaki-kaiba:Kisaki-Kaiba 2 0 Valor :iconkisaki-kaiba:Kisaki-Kaiba 4 0 Banyu the Popplio _ 20170406b _ Second Life avatar :iconk4nk4n:K4nK4n 6 0
Mature content
Jessie Pokemon :iconzazoreal:Zazoreal 8 4
Tsareena Pokemon :iconri2sart:Ri2sart 7 0 Because Magikarp! :iconatelok:atelok 7 1 Sombra (Salazzle) :iconsspphillipart:SSPphillipart 165 13 Pikachu :iconpekvceu:Pekvceu 6 0 pokemon - Glaceon :iconlulemt:LuleMT 342 25 Lycanroc Night Form Life Sized Plush :iconklplushies:KLPlushies 85 35 Vaporeon :iconuseless-machine:useless-machine 104 7 cleffas :iconnapdust:Napdust 656 29 Litten wants fish! - [Speedpaint] :iconlulusketch:LuluSketch 35 3 pok icons SQUARE ZAPDOS :iconleandroyepyep:Leandroyepyep 4 0


You get the drill.
:iconmimikkyu-fans: Mimikkyu-Fans Love me? :iconthe-eevee-kingdom: The-eevee-kingdom A kingdom of eevees. :iconpokebattlersunited: PokeBattlersUnited :iconpoke-rom: Poke-ROM Gotta Hack 'Em All! :iconnational-pokedex: National-Pokedex Gotta Draw Em' All! :iconfrom-pen-to-pokemon: From-Pen-to-Pokemon :iconrealpokemonlife: RealPokemonLife German ART RPG :iconallthepokemon: AllThePokemon Show ALL the Pokemon! :iconchatot-club: chatot-club The Music Note Pokémon :iconpichufansunite: pichufansunite Pichu Power! :iconpokemon-thescienceof: Pokemon-TheScienceof :iconpokemonaddicts: PokemonAddicts We love Pokemon! :iconpokemon-bases-pika: Pokemon-Bases-Pika :iconkawaii-pokemon-x3: Kawaii-pokemon-X3 For all cute pokeart! :iconampharos-fans: Ampharos-Fans The Lighthouse Pokemon! :iconminun-plusle-fans: Minun-Plusle-Fans Plusle & Minun Fans! <3 :iconeverythingpokemonart: Everythingpokemonart All pokemon, all the time. :icondrew-fangroup: Drew-FanGroup :iconpokemonnerdz: PokemonNerdz :iconpokemonfansgroup: PokemonFansGroup Pokemon is our Life~ :iconmantine-fan-club: Mantine-Fan-Club :iconpokemonhereforever: PokemonHereForever Pokemon Here Forever! :iconpony-mon: Pony-Mon :iconpokemon-united-4ever: Pokemon-United-4ever
Hello, it is I, Booswithanger. You might not know me.
I'm the new co-founder of this group. I was originally the founder, but I handed down the status to :icontotallyhypnosquid:
Since I'm co-founder, you'll start to see some changes going around town.
That is all,  looking forward to working with you all.
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These are are our admins.
Any questions?




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Pokemon Resonance - Cover by BrownieComicWriter
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